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May 23, 2012

Bye BeautyJunkie :(

If you have not heard, yess beautyjunkie has moved to a new nest, elizabeauty!!!! It's unfortunate beacuse I really want my own domain, however beautyjunkie.com was taken already!

After much thought and improvising, beautyjunkie new nest will be elizabeauty! Beautyjunkie has been my 'baby' for so long & will be sorely missed :( You guys can still call me beautyjunkie when we meet. LOL I really don't mind :D

But in the meantime, hop over to elizabeauty.com to support me okay! THANKYOUVERYMUCH!

I am having a giveaway now too! So quick pop over! :D xxxx


May 17, 2012


Yeap I am back here, okay not really. I hope all of you have migrated and supported my elizabeauty site already! :DDD But I opened a spree page Sundayspree since I usually hold sprees via email which is kinda troublesome for me! This way everything is easier! :D

Do head over to support & follow my new spree page! You can request sprees too! :D

Currently running a transdesign & sephora spree! So head over now! !

Love you girls!


May 06, 2012

Open Box: April Bellabox!

April's box was super awesome! I believe this might be my favourite BellaBox yet!

Everything in the box I am super excited to use, okay maybe except one product but that's purely due to my preference!

Again I've not tried any of these products due to reasons I will disclose tmr :)

This month's box is Flawless beauty & yes everything in box is geared towards flawless beauty!

Wheee, everything in the box looks exciting right? :D & yes that's right you are looking at Benefit's newest product!

Okay I thought I'll get this out of the way, coz I don't like it  :( This is the one product I said I don't like & see it's really because of my preference! I am rather picky with fragrance, most fruity scents are okay but florals are a no go for me.

Enavose H20sis Black Tea Quench Mask! I am super excited to try this out in the coming weeks! I tried it on my hand and it was a ooooh & ahhhh, it feels nice and I can see it being hydrating!

Kinohimijsu Collagen drink! I am usually not a believer of drinks like these, but things are from Japan I tend to have a bias towards them :D

I love love love the scent of rose, so this is totally up my alley! Rose scent + shower gel + travel sized? Hell yeah!

Finally the BEST item, or my favourite of them all! I actually already bought the full size even before I got send the April bellabox! yes I love Benefit that much!

I got the colour 'honey' which is way too light for me! I don't even know why I tried swatching but the container is SO adorable! Plus it comes with a pump too! I might use this as an under eye concealer or give it to my gf :)

Thank you sooooo much Bellabox for sending me this amazing box! For just $15, you really get your money's worth! If you want to find out more about Bellabox do click this link or check them out, they are always on my side bar, coz I love them so :)

Good night girls & rememeber to follow me on twitter (@mybeautyjunkie), coz that's why all the fun happens!

May 05, 2012

Steam Cream May/June Designs

Just a quick post on steamcream! I do really love the steamcream which I received though I didn't do a blog post. I've got a million to catch up on! :( Urghh! Like I said in my Dermalogica post,  I love using steamcream with my overnight repair serum! Now that I've given the serum to mom, I have been usng steamcream on it's own!

I think it's very impressive for companies to come out with new packagin every few months, it is def not an easy task! Plus I always see at least 1-2 designs I fancy in each collection (so to speak).

If you are wondering which ones I'm eyeing on, it would be Babou & Eurasia! I don't like dogs, at all! but Babou is just adorable!

If you are not familar with Steamcream, besides the pretty tins, there are many benefits in using the steamcream!

Lavender Oil - calm and balance your skin. With a beautiful herbal scent and unique healing properties, it helps reduce inflamed or sore skin that gets aggravated by our hectic weather conditions

Orange Flower Water - hydrate the skin and is extremely beneficial for dry and sensitive skin

Rose Absolute - gives the moisturiser a divine smell + helps ease dryness, giving an all-over smooth body feel

Cocoa Butter - rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin E helps soften and condition skin while defending it against aging

Organic Jojoba Oil - retain moisture in our skin and dissolve excess sebum while having wonderful soothing effects on sunburned and irritated skin

My own steamcream! <3 I saw this at Watsons the other day, so they still have it! :D

So pretty right? :D

This was how much cream was in it, def doesn't look like that now! I've used maybe like 1/2 of it already!

It's thick but not overly greasy, yoou won't feel like a grease-ball! It really helps hydrate your skin :D

Steamcream has also won numerous, that's always a good sign right!!

Go out and grab your very own steamcream, or you can pick up one for mom, I'm sure her skin will love it!

Retail price: S$25.90

Available at selected BHG, Watsons, Nishino Pharmacy, Unity, Sasa & www.beautycarousel.com.

Disclaimer: Product was kindly sponosored but all opinions are my own :)

May 05, 2012

Open Box: April Vainty Trove

I have always been intrigued and super interested in these box subscription and you guys know that already :)

This post is very late, for reasons that I will only be able to disclose next week :)

ANYWAYS! April's VaintyTrove was really really awesome! I was super excited when I got it!

I love the Vainty Mag they always include. Don't you think it just looks SO professional?

Everything that was in my Trove! One look & you can see there are ALOT of good stuff!

You must be wondering what was in the pink envelope! Ta-da, some blog shop discount coupons. Personally I do not shop on blog shops a whole lot, except for a few which I really like. But this introduced me to more blog shops :) So if you are a blogshop girl, this is super super awesome! :D

I love travel sized stuff so this is perfect! Estee Lauder Serum, which I'll probably pass to mom! & a soap which smells quite nice, mint rose!

Braphy lip plumper! It even comes with a little mirror too, making touching up a breeze!

Style hair product! This is with Moroccan argan hair moisturizer! My hair needs this! It's dying of thirst! i have not started using this but I will be soon! :D

A super generous full sized tube of concealer! & it seems to have really great coverage too! I received the colour 3, which is still a tad bit light for my tanned skin! :(

You can definitely see here from the swatch it is a tad too light, I might still try it though when I can use makeup again! :D Woohoo! Coverage wise, it looks like it will able to bid my dark circles goodbye!

Now if that was all that came in the box, it is totally already worth the money! BUT they went an extra extra extra mile!!!!!

Look what they gave us! Salon treats! $25 for everything + an hour of massage, even groupon can't give you sucha great deal! :p

<3 who doesn't love salon treats!? If you don't tell me okay, I help you to use. LOL! Or you can bring your mom for mummy's day!

They included a little polish for you to have a sneak peek of their spa! How adorable right? :D

Don't forget to use your spa vouchers okay! It expires 3 months from date of issue :)

What did you guys think of this month's trove? I think it as great! If you would like to know more about vainty trove remember to head to their site! it would make an awesome gift for your friend, sister, mom, aunt or girlfriend. Beautiful surprises in a box!

Thank you so much Vainty Trove for sending me such an awesome trove! :D

Disclaimer: The Trove was send to me by VaintyTrove, however all opinions are my own :)

May 02, 2012

L'Oreal Colour Infallible Shadows Swatches + Giveaway!

:D :D :D

That was me when I saw the display at Watsons. I could not not get it. haha! I've heard SO much raves about it, I needed it in my life. Despite me not really being a shadow girl, I really wanted it!

The 5 colours I got, I really wanted the light champagne one but it was out of stock!

Forever Pink, Flashback Sliver, Permanent Khaki, Purple Obsession & All Night Blue.

The labels on mine are not perfect because Watsons stuck their barcode thingy on top, how silly!

Close up of the first 3 colours, pretty!

The darker ones :)

I got Purple Obsession & All Night Blue for mom & she loves both of them! They are soooo soft and pigmented.

Gf & I swatched them at watsons and we had to really rub them off, so I guess in our humid singapore or if you have oily lids, this will def be staying put!

They don't look very pretty in the pot, haha!

This is how it looks like when you open the cap, there is a little compressor thingy, because according to L'Oreal these are pressed pigments :)

Swatches! Which is probably all you want to see :D

Super super super pretty! I can't wear them on my eyes yet but I can't wait to wear them! Trust me they look SOOO much better in real life, but this will suffice for now.

Very short post, just to share with you girls some swatches. I bought an extra for a giveaway! :D So make sure you follow me on twitter because this will be my very first twitter giveaway! Plus super easy to enter :)

May 02, 2012

Haul: MAC, Philosophy, Belif, Chanel & Watsons!

If you follow me on twitter, you would know that Philosophy has hit our shores! *yay* So exciting that more brands are making their way into our island! I only saw it in Sephora Ion, not too sure if NAC one will carry the brand!

Anyway I totally caved in *bad me* & got a few items.

This is not the first time I am in contact with this brand! I've used and love Purity *works well with clarisonic!* & I love their scents!

Caved in and got a body wash and the microdelivery peel, which I have been meaning to try out for sometime!

The philosophy products which I bagged home! :D  I was tempted to get a full size purity, since my travel size is running out but I thought I should wait till next time! *I ended up getting purity and another shower gel when I went to town with mom :D*

Melon daiquiri, smells HEAVENLY, very fruity scent which I love. I am all about fruity! I think this was $36 for 480ml which honestly is not too bad! It is a 3 in 1, shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath! Though I usually end up using it as a shower gel only, unless I am at the gym then I'll use it as shampoo too!

The microdelivery peel set! This cost $106 (I THINK) for both step I & II, ironically I put them in the wrong order. LOL

It smells yummy! Had a citrus-y scent which I love!

Apply step I and wait for a minute before applying step II.

Step II will feel abit heated, and wash it off after 3 minutes. It can be used once a week, don't use it more than that because it can be a tad bit too harsh for your skin!

My gift with purchase! Spend $120 and get all these little goodies! I mad love travel sized stuff!

I honestly have lost track of MAC's oh-so-many collections! But when I heard of Tres Cheek the blush junkie in me knew I had to check it out!

I really wanted Immortal Flower, but it was so ashy on me! WIll look gorgeous if you are NC35 and below!

I ended up with Modern Mandarin and Lovecloud, which I super love! I don't have many colours like Lovecloud & honestly was never into colours like that! Now I am soooo into lighter, sweeter colours :)

I was tossing back and forth if I should get Modern Mandarin because I already MAC Optimistic orange & NARS Taj mahal, but really they are not that similar! I will do a comparison in the next post :)

I popped by Watsons, not intending to pick anything up. However Sally Hansen was having a 24% off and I really wanted to try the cuticle remover with kiwi extract. I have been eyeing Purple Pulse for the longest time, however $19 for a polish is a tad too pricey, especially when it's from the drugstore! The SA told me that if I spend $30 before discount I will receive a pack of salon effect nail strips! So I decided to get All Fired Up too!

I got these stuff almost a month ago, but they didn't make it as a blog post, so they are gonna just join in this post! :D

I've heard Charlene rave sooooo much about belif, I had to try it to believe it (no pun intended) LOL!

Got the moisuturizing bomb, because I am running out of my own moisturizer. As well as the Overnight mask, which I do love :)

I joined Belif as a member, you are entitled to join as a member upon spending $80. I love their little welcome pack of different products which they offer! This way you can try even more and be tempted to buy even more. HAHA.

The First Aid Overnight Brightening Mask. It contains pearls & gold flakes. I used it a few times already & I really enjoy it :)

True Cream Moisuturizing Bomb.

& & & I got my first ever Chanel lipstick! :DDDDD I've had Chanel glosses, liquid lipsick, palette but not a lipstick!

Finally caved in and got a lippie!

It just looks so pretty! :') Mademoiselle 05. I really wanted a colour I can use all the time and honestly I love colours like this!

The pretty Chanel embossed on the lippie!

Swatched on my hand :)

Thanks for reading girls! Do stay tunned to my blog & twitter because I have alot alot ALLLLLOOOTT of stuff coming up. HAHA! That's one too many alot, okay BYE!

April 30, 2012

Review: Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing UV Milk with SPF50 PA+++

Don't we all love 3 in 1 products! One step and you're done! :D Honestly I am all for it but sometimes it's hard to find a good product which can do it all at once!

You guys know I have used and loved Hada Labo so this comes to you with no surprise! Introducing Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing UV Milk with SPF50 PA+++!

I am quite particular when it comes to spf, because some leave your face looking and feeling lke a grease ball! This however does not, having water like texture, it blends easily and leaves no residue!

So what are the 3 benefits of the UV milk?

1. It has SPF50PA+++, that's protection from UVA & UVB super super important if you don't want your skin to age too quickly!

2. All of Hada Labo product contains three types of Hyaluronic Acid, this helps to lock in the moisture keeping your skin soft, supple and radiant all day long!

3. Use it as a makeup-base too! It helps in smoother application of makeup as it creates an even canvas for the skin!

It does have a spf smell so for all girls who dislike it might find it a tad strong. But once applied on your face you def can't smell it!

If you have sensitive skin, this will not cause any irritating on your skin. UV milk is very gentle on the skin, there is no artifical ingredients; fragances, mineral oil, alcohol as well as colorants! Besides that it also helps to keep your skin pH in balance!

Applied to my skin, without any makeup! As you can see it doesn't leave a white cast on my tanned skin, you can definitely use this product on it's own!

You can get your very own Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing UV Milk SPF 50 PA+++ is available in a 38ml bottle, priced at $19.90. Exclusively in Watsons!

If you would like to try this product out, don't forget to <a href="hJps:// www.facebook.com/hadalabosg">'like' Hada Lado's facebook page</a>! They do giveaway free sampling of their products! :D

Disclaimer: Product was kindly sponosored but all opinions are my own :)

April 23, 2012

dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum Event + Review!

So about a month ago I attended an dermalogica event (Thank you Jo for the invite). It was a small cozy event tucked in a corner of Sg in a small cafe! :D

We were all there to welcome the newest product of the dermalogica AGE smart range, the overnight repair serum! Yup as the name suggest it works it's charm while you are sleeping and you wake up with great looking skin!

Just a few pictures from the event, I did not take a whole lot of pictures because I was busy talking to the reps learning more about dermalogica.

I love the little setup they had! Canapé + yummy tea!

Duck with cucumber <3

A spoonful of pasta *literally* LOL!

Smoked salmon + cream cheese. I live for this! *slurps*

I don't know why, maybe it's the colours but there is such a Christmas-y feel to the whole setup & i LOVE it!

This is currently the products they have in their AGE smart range, which is meant for skin aging, but did you know that in our current society our skin starts aging at EIGHTEEN? Scary or what? All the pollution, diet, sunrays, stress (exams,relationship etc) computer usage and makeup! Especially younger girls who love to pile on many many many stacks of lashes! Bad for your eyes girls!

However if I were to ask you to stop using makeup, stop surfing the web on your computer, hide under a blanket or not to stress about exams (your parents would kill me). So impossible right? Hence the birth of the overnight repair serum!

Honestly, how many perecent of aging do you think is a result of external factors? I was super shocked to hear also okay, got a figure in your mind?

The answer is 80-90% is due to extrinsic factors! Which means thing we can control! Your genetics only determine 10% of how you age, the rest you determine! So don't blame your momma if you don't look as young as you want to, don't blame her for not giving you the good genes, coz she probably did, you just didn't treasure it :(

Fret not it's never too late to drink more water, slap on SPF before going out in the morning, trying to catch 8 hours of sleep, using your computer for an hour less everyday day and of course I always feel a good skincare regime (whatever brand you love, doesn't matter) does the trick too!

A few more AGE smart products! The bullet looking one is supposed to be like a lip balm! Adorable? :D

The overnight repair serum is to be applied to cleansed skin before going to bed! It helps to restore the integrity of the skin as well as fight the signs of aging, which includes lack-lustre skin, broken capillaries and age related collagen lost! Protecting, maintaining and stimulating collagen are the primary benefits of the overnight repair serum.

Me with no makeup, just my overnight repair serum + a stupid zit.lol

There are a few ingredients which make the overnight serum so awesome! Gonna get abit technical here, bear with me!

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38 & Alaria Extract - Increase collagen renewal, firmness and dermal strength!
Argan Oil, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids - Restores a weak barrier layer, lock in moisture as well as increase elasticity.
Rose Hip Seed Oil - Minimize discolouration while helping to boost cell renewal.

STEP 1: Drops 4-6 drops into the palm of your hands.

The look of anticipation. HAHA! So after cleansing, just drop 4-6 drops on your palm! Tap the bottom of the bottle as seen in picture and it will drop out! This is the best way to control how many drops you get.  Honestly, I personally don't use 4-6 drops, too many drops for my face. I usually use 2 drops only. Sometimes I do use 3 but rarely. I say just see what your skin is loving and of course how much area you have to cover!

You can use this with or without a moisturizer, I've tried it both way and I usually use it without just because one step is way better then two *lazy* HAHA. Plus I don't have really dry skin so I can do without the moisturizer. Just a side note, I use this with steamcream and I don't know what it is but they work awesome together!!

STEP 2: Warm the product up by rubbing your palms together!

Warm the product up as well as spread them on your palm to ease your application! Do not use your usual skincare application methods else it would not be effective! Unless you use Clarins, which also uses this techinque else follow remember to use it this way to maximise the effects okay? :)

Step 3: Press your palm firmly all over your face!

This helps in the product absorption and it also feels quite good too honestly. haha. If you are really very tired that night you can go to bed after this! However if possible there are some acupoints that can allow you to have a better night sleep!

Acupoint 1
Press on the temples (depression between hairline and brows) with the middle finger. This helps with headaches as well as helps you to relax!

Acupoint 2
Press underneath both eyes on top of the cheek bone. This helps improve eye clarity.

Acupoint 3
Press on the inner eye sockets. Relieves sinus pressure, headaches, pain and swelling around the eye area!

Acupoint 4
Press inside the eye socket bone under the brows. Helps in headache and relieves sinus pressure.

Acupoint 5
Press the middle of the forehead. Helps to calm the mind.

Acupoint 6
Press the corners if the mouth. Rejuvenates the face and tones facial muscles.

Acupoint 7Please DO NOT do this if you are pregnant or think you might be!
Press between end of nose and top of lip. Helps to calm the spirit.

Acupoint 8 Please DO NOT do this if you are pregnant or think you might be!
Press between the lower lip and chin. Helps hormonal balance.

These acupoints can be used in conjunction with other products too! You can implement it into your own skincare regime too.

After using this product for some time, I do enjoy it's hydrating properties. Not going to lie, it is an oil based product hence it will feel oily. It however will not clog your pores, so if that is a concern of yours, do not worry!

I sleep in air conditioning room and honestly this is the first skin care product which makes my skin still feels slightly moisturized in the morning! When you wake up, I don't want to say I feel like my skin is oily because it is not, but I can definitely feel like the product still creates a barrier for my skin so that my skin does not dehydrate. Skin feels supple the next day!

The one thing I dislike and this is soley due to preference, is the scent! I dislike most flower scents and this due to the natural herbs and extracts that it contains unfortunately does smells flowery. However honestly once you apply it you cannot smell it at all. It is only during step 3 when you press it into your skin where you will defintely be able to smell it.

Other than that I do personally love it! I will be letting my mom try it out and if she has any feedback I'll add it into the post or tweet about it okay!

Mother's Day is around the corner, this makes a great gift, especially for older ladies their skin tends to get drier (mom always tells me she has dry skin!). This will feel like a treat to them! Plus it helps her to sleep off the signs of aging skin too! She will definitely love you more, because you make her look younger! HAHA.

Grab your very own overnight repair serum (15ml) for $138 at AsterSpring Origins for other locations visit www.dermalogica.com.sg

Once again thank you dermalogica for allowing me to try this product! :D

Disclaimer: Product was generously sponsored but this does not change my opinions. All opinions are my own.

April 18, 2012


Was packing my makeup collection and really have got tooooo many gorgeous products just sitting there, just because I spend way too much for just one face + 10 fingers :( *shame on me*

Help me destash please! :DDD I am sure they will get more love in their new homes!

Quick terms & conditions:

1. NORMAL LOCAL postage is FREEEEEE *yay! Simply add $2.44 for registered mail!

2. If you have any enquiries please EMAIL me, don't leave a comment okay? Just to make things abit neater. Thank you! :)

3. Overseas buyer, please email me :) thank you!

4. If you really really need more pictures for a certain product, please email me. Most of them I've put pictures where you can see the condition of the products unless it is brand new, then i will not open it.

Finally start shopping! Place your order in this format! You can leave a comment or email me at mybeautyjunkie (@) gmail.com

Email address:
Items interested in:

All polishes have only been swatched ONCE, unless otherwise stated :)

Zoya Stacy $9
Revlon Not so blueberry $7
Revlon Plum attraction $5
OPI Dating a royal $6

China Glaze
Wicked Style, Electric Beat $5.50 each
Heli-yum swatched 3x $5

Essie $9
OPI  $6 each
China Glaze $5.50
Sally Hansen swatched 4x $7

L.A Girl - Heavy Metal $5
L.A Girl - Green (can't remember the name will check tonight) $5

Philosphy lipgloss BRAND NEW $12 each
*full size* Please indicate which flavour you want :)  It smells like the flavour stated.

Philosophy BRAND NEW with seal $14 Hope in a Jar!
Do note that the tinted moisturizer is for light to medium skin tones only!

Clinique Airport Exclusive Mini Lipgloss Set.
Pink Aplenty, Double Plum & Mimosa Blossom (swatched on hand 1x) $6.50 each
Ripest Apricot & Cherry Bomb BRAND NEW $8 each
Whole set $30

Dior Travel Exclusive Mini Lipgloss & Lipstick ALL BRAND NEW!
Lipgloss $10 each

Lipstick $12 each
Whole set $50

Burt's Bee Normal & Pomegranate BRAND NEW $5 each, 2 for $8
Covergirl  Soulmate BRAND NEW $5
NYX Sweet Prawn $4
NYX Round Lipstick Tearose $3
Wet & Wild 502A $2

Stila Mini GumDrop 
MAC Mini Pretty Quick!
NARS Mini Moon Fleet 
L'oreal Savory $5

Rimmel Vintage Pink Swatched 1x on hand $8

Urban Decay Lip Primer $19
Anna Sui Cream Shadow in #2 $19
Anna Sui Lipgloss in #2 $14
Buy both Anna Sui products for $29

MAC Limited Edition MSF $29
MAC Limited Edition Beauty Powder $36
MAC Blusher $22

MAC Limited Edition Blush Ombre $32
MAC Blusher $22
MAC Mineralized Blush  $25

NARS Blusher Orgasm $29
NARS Blusher Desire $33

Givenchy Blush Gelee *has a sponge applicator, used once. Too light for me* $24
Clarins Blusher *changed to suit your skintone* $24
Anna Sui Blusher *slightly smaller than normal blusher size, came in a set* $19

ELF Studio Blusher BRAND NEW $6

Milani Sunset Duo Sunset Breeze $5
Milani Bronzer XL All Over Colour BRAND NEW $7
Physican Formula Shimmer Strips in Malibu Strip BRAND NEW $9

MAC Prep & Primer used 2x $20
Urban Decay Primer BRAND NEW $25

ELF High Definition Powder BRAND NEW $10

Milani Dream Baby BRAND NEW $7
Rimmel Twlight Zone Swatched 1x $5
Loreal Elated Blush Swatched 1x $4

NYX Both Swatched 1x $9 each or $15 for both

MAC Sushi Flower Swatched 1x $10
MAC Limited Edition Mineralized Shadow Swatched 1x $19

Thank you for looking, now go place your order! :D hehe. I will do invoicing tonight! Follow me on twitter @mybeautyjunkie to get the latest updates okay!

Thank you so much guys <3 <3

Tweet tweet!

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